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SHOGUN INTERNATIONAL LTD was established in 1974 - a long time ago in the martial arts business! The Company started by importing judo uniforms made in the Far East in order to supply the then Greater London Council evening classes and private clubs. Within one year, the Company scored a first by making what was to become the modern universally accepted judo mats which have become adaptable to all types of martial arts.

Also in the mid-seventies, SHOGUN introduced to the UK high quality coloured belts and various qualities of bleached white karate uniforms. At this time, all judo suits were sold in unbleached cotton and SHOGUN again was first by introducing bleached white uniforms for judo. At the time, this was regarded as gimmicky but now over 90% of judo uniforms sold in the UK are bleached white!

In the late seventies, SHOGUN expanded to supply the full range of martial arts equipment - protective and sparring equipment, wooden weapons, hakama, full and semi contact gloves, a variety of footwear and numerous accessories including a range of colourful holdalls.

Finally to complete the range, in the late eighties, the Company started selling a few martial arts books and was so overwhelmed with the response that the range has now expanded to well over 700 titles.

Most of the other martial arts companies in the UK started as our customers and several of them still purchase from us. Now in our fourth decade of continuous trading, the Company has established its foremost position by constant attention to quality, reliability, speed and efficiency.

Throughout this long period of development, SHOGUN has been at the forefront in the development of quality martial arts mats, specialising in judo which has the highest and most difficult specification. The Company's product is branded as SUPERMAT and is exported worldwide.

The Managing Director of the Company, an ex-British international judo 4th dan, has sat on the British Standards Committee for Sports Mats for over two decades and was instrumental in the first published scientific standard for martial arts mats in 1990. Since the mid-nineties, he has represented the UK to C.E.N. (Committee European Norm) in the same products and was also instrumental in the formulation of the only international standard for judo mats.

Extensive details relating to martial arts mats can be found on which details not only the technical standards and mat testing but also the legal and insurance aspects of mat safety together with a most informative and readable article 'BUYER BEWARE'.

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