Shogun International Ltd

Shogun International Ltd

Dear Valued Customers and Friends,

as the sun sets on a remarkable journey, we at Shogun International Ltd extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, our loyal community, for walking this path with us. Established in 1974, our family-run business began as a small venture in London, blossoming into a revered name in the martial arts industry.

For nearly half a century, Shogun has been more than just a company; it has been a mission, a guardian of martial arts traditions, and an innovator in the field. From introducing the modern judo mats, now a standard in various martial arts, to being the pioneer in bringing bleached white judo uniforms to the UK, our journey has been one of firsts and foremosts.

As our founders step into the well-deserved serenity of retirement, having crossed the venerable age of 80, it is with a mix of joy and nostalgia that we announce the closure of Shogun International Ltd. We take immense pride in knowing that many of today’s UK martial arts companies began as our customers, and some continue to draw inspiration from our legacy.

Our story has been one of passion, innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. As we bid you farewell, we cherish the memories and milestones shared with you. The spirit of Shogun, embodied in every product and service, will continue to live on in the martial arts community.

We thank you for your trust, support, and the beautiful journey we have shared. As we bow out, we leave behind a legacy of quality, a tradition of excellence, and a lasting impact on the martial arts world.

With deepest gratitude and warmest regards,

The Team at Shogun International Ltd